18 Really Stupid (But Equally Brilliant) Rick Grimes Jokes

Dad jokes are always funny but even more hilarious when told in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. There’s something about impending disaster and bloodshed that gives jokes an extra edge, perhaps it’s to do with juxtaposition. All I know is that ever since Rick Grimes awoke from that coma to see the world burning down around him, with a little help from the internet, he’s suddenly become a constant source of entertainment.




















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8 Pieces Of Valuable Toilet Wisdom

Public toilets are not just for bowel and bladder related shenanigans, they can also offer some terrific advice and wisdom (along with the occasional questionnaire).

















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32 Honest Company Slogans

Cliff Dickens Honest Slogans site is a treasure trove of corporate truths – here are some of our favourites.

1. You Tubetumblr_lx3avo3OQm1r9pgsuo1_5002. Adobetumblr_lx3bcfrUxE1r9pgsuo1_500
3. Google tumblr_lx37vo0atu1r9pgsuo1_5004. Ben and Jerry’stumblr_lx289i26Xr1r9pgsuo1_500

5. Pizza Huttumblr_mh6wv7hb6R1r9pgsuo1_r2_5006. Linked Intumblr_mivvfqP9w81r9pgsuo1_500

7. Men’s Healthtumblr_muskcmT6Oy1r9pgsuo1_500

8. Victoria’s Secrettumblr_mv5ggrQhsk1r9pgsuo1_500

9. Yellow Pagestumblr_mv31o2S9uq1r9pgsuo1_500

10. Chapsticktumblr_mvd2dl3HZQ1r9pgsuo1_500

11. Frostiestumblr_mvlvafqb421r9pgsuo1_500

12. iTunestumblr_mvpk58oP9H1r9pgsuo1_500

13. Netflix


14. Harley-Davidson

15. Gillettetumblr_mwmylxLSQ61r9pgsuo1_500


17. Hummertumblr_mxig7krFZp1r9pgsuo1_500

18. Monopolytumblr_my2sw3Pk4F1r9pgsuo1_500

19. Urban Outfitterstumblr_mzf7loSYEG1r9pgsuo1_500

20. Old Spice

21. Hallmark

22. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter


23. Sprite


24. Tindertumblr_n9chocsrlh1r9pgsuo1_500

25. Bounty

26. Etch-A-Sketch

27. Bic


28. Louis Vuittontumblr_na45slqb0j1r9pgsuo1_500

29. Buzzfeedtumblr_nabkjj5WHr1r9pgsuo1_500

30. Toblerone


31. Levis


32. WD-40tumblr_ni77roWcRf1r9pgsuo1_500

Ikea’s incredible mockery of Apple. I can not stop laughing! This takes the prize as the year’s best advertising!

This brilliant ad campaign by IKEA just shows how well they know their marketing.

It didn’t take long before this hilarious mockery of Apple reached millions of people all over the internet and brought laughter to the masses.

In this parody video, IKEA are launching their new product/catalog, The BookBook.

With this revolutionary product you won’t need any cables, not even for power since the BookBook already comes fully charged.

And you know what?

The battery life is eternal.

This was just too funny, can’t stop laughing!

7 Examples of What Alcohol Labels Would Really Say If They Were Honest

#1 Whiskey

It should be called “Text Your Ex” because who doesn’t text their ex after a little too much whiskey.


#2 Jagermeister

Vomit Everywhere would be a much better name for Jagermeister because not many people hold this down when overindulging.


#3 Coconut Rum

Come on now, you know it’s a pure sugar high you’re on.


#4 Tequila

Dancing On Tables is the best name for tequila because that’s really all you want to do.


#5 Fireball

Who hasn’t had a Fireball blackout?


#6 Wine

Crying alone and wining, the same thing.


#7 Vodka

Vodka does something to women making them want to go to the bathroom together every time.


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Why letters on signs and buildings across the UK keep going missing

20625-n72kiwH_ve y_u been w_ndering where the letters in D_wning Street _nd W_terst_nes h_ve g_ne?

Partners and brands around the capital have dropped the letters A, O and B from their names today in support of National Blood Week. The new “Missing Type” campaign uses the three letters that make up the blood groups to raise awareness of the need for new donors.


New NHS research shows that new blood donors are in decline – there has been a drop of 40 per cent fewer new people signing up to donate in the last ten years, a trend blamed on the increasing popularity in exotic travel and tattoos, which temporarily bar people from donating.


Jon Latham, assistant director for Donor Services and Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant, said in a statement:

While we can meet the needs of patients now, it’s important we strengthen the donor base for the future. If we don’t attract new people… to donate it will put more pressure on the ability to provide the right type of blood the NHS needs for patients in the future.

As well as retailers, people have been joining in on social media, losing letters from their names:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.02.41

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.02.51

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.03.05

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.03.15

You can help fill in the gaps by finding your nearest blood drive here.

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Tiny Dolls Act Out Hilarious Soap Operas Over Single Pieces of French Toast Crunch

Consumers bowled over by the recent return of French Toast Crunch after a nine-year hiatus should enjoy “The Tiny & The Tasty,” a strange and silly soap-opera parody that casts dolls as actors to reintroduce the General Mills cereal. McCann, Picture Mill and Beacon Street collaborated on the campaign.

All the classic daytime-drama tropes—amnesia, family intrigue, murder mysteries, surprise pregnancies—are played out in overwrought fashion on finely detailed miniature sets by poseable Ken- and Barbie-style action figures whose mouths never move.

Bill Wright, global executive creative director at McCann, says the idea stemmed partly from “the 1990s origin of French Toast Crunch. That was the decade when daytime dramas were at their height of popularity. So when you take soap operas and cross them with tiny dolls, you get a strangely awesome mashup.”

Real soap opera actors do a fine job of hamming it up on the tongue-in-cheek, breakfast-themed scripts. And director Matt Piedmont, a writer for Saturday Night Live, establishes just the right tone. The spots channel the vibe of early SNL films by Walter Williams or Tom Schiller, though they’re less manic and, of course, more on brand.

Served up in brief, tasty bites, this serial really satisfies.

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