Why L’Oréal Made 100 Women Cry in a Movie Theater, and What Brought Them to Tears

Here’s a fun and inventive before-and-after test from L’Oréal and McCann Mexico.

The cosmetics company invited 100 women to a movie. Before the screening, they had their makeup done by L’Oréal beauty experts, who applied waterproof mascara. As part of the prep, the women also had their photo taken.

Then they were taken into the theater for the movie—and it certainly was an emotional one. Before long, the women were sobbing, as a story of “impossible love” played out. By the end, their makeup should have been a disaster—indeed, the women had their photo taken a second time after the screening to see how it held up.

It’s a nice stunt, and a believable one (even if details like the 162 minutes of tears are exaggerated). And in some ways it’s perfect that they don’t mention the name of the film. This was surely a simple rights issue, but it gives the video a small extra dose of humor.

Client: L’Oréal
Agency: McCann México
Creative VP: Javi Carro
Creative Account Group Director: Joanna López
Associate Creative Director: Roberto Martínez
Senior Copywriter: Adria Jáuregui
Art Director: Myriam Barrios
Account Director: Audrey Amselli
Production Company: Unidad 59
Director: David “Leche” Ruiz
Production director: Juan González
Production: Rafael López

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Coca-Cola Turns Contour Bottle Shape Into Bottlebeats Birthday Song

The Coca-Cola glass Contour Bottle is celebrating its 100th birthday. As part of the celebration, Coca-Cola is turning the Coke bottle shape into music. A birthday song, to be exact.

In an inspired piece of sonic branding as as part of its Open Happiness campaign, the brand’s UK team commissioned the “Bottlebeats” birthday song by turning the shape of the bottle into sound waves in an audio spin on its Share A Coke campaign.

Coca-Cola Bottle Beats Soundcloud #bottlebeats

Coca-Cola Bottlebeats Soundcloud

The six-and-a-half minute tune, with its “Enjoy the view” chorus, can now be shared on Soundcloud, just one of a number of celebrations of the bottle’s centenary—it was patented in 1915 and released in 1916—taking place this year.

Coca-Cola Bottlebeats 100th birthday contour bottle song

In addition to inviting fans to share their #CokeBottle100 moments, Coca-Cola is celebrating the bottle’s 100th anniversary with a documentary that will premiere in November.

It’s also not the first time the brand has dabbled in sonic brandingaround its earworm of a five-note audio logo.

In 2010, the company invited Canadian singer K’Naan to create the “Waving Flag” anthem for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The catchy tune snuck “the Coke melody into an otherwise unbranded song,” as Soundlounge CEO Ruth Simmons commented.

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Office space dreams



Loui Says;

commissioned glass architectural art fixture finally completed in the new fabulous Hotel Eastlund, Portland Oregon U.S.A. http://hoteleastlund.com/ – I am very pleased and honoured to have my work in such a contemporary and wonderful space. (as well as the glass patrician wall, there are also amazing head boards and art prints of my work included in the rooms of the hotel)

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Ikea’s incredible mockery of Apple. I can not stop laughing! This takes the prize as the year’s best advertising!

This brilliant ad campaign by IKEA just shows how well they know their marketing.

It didn’t take long before this hilarious mockery of Apple reached millions of people all over the internet and brought laughter to the masses.

In this parody video, IKEA are launching their new product/catalog, The BookBook.

With this revolutionary product you won’t need any cables, not even for power since the BookBook already comes fully charged.

And you know what?

The battery life is eternal.

This was just too funny, can’t stop laughing!

Pizza Hut Now Has A Delivery Box Which Turns Into A Film Projector

Have you ever ordered a pizza for movie night and then suddenly realised that you don’t actually have a film to watch?

Well, those problems could now be a thing of the past thanks to Pizza Hut. In Hong Kong, the pizza chain have introduced specially-designed boxes which convert into makeshift movie projectors to use with smartphones.

The advertising stunt, designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, is quite brilliantly called the ‘Blockbuster Box’.


The new packaging uses boxes with a pop-out hole in the side of the box. A special pizza table (or “pizza projector”) then serves as the lens. All you have to do is slip the plastic lens into the hole and use the pizza table’s legs to prop up your smartphone inside the box, and you can project your phone’s contents onto a nearby wall.

There are even four different themed boxes, each of which comes with a separate movie download via a QR code. They’re called ‘Slice Night’ (for horror), ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ (for science-fiction), ‘Hot & Ready’ (for romance), and ‘Fully Loaded’ (for action).

Hopefully these bad boys make an appearance in the UK soon so we can try them out for ourselves. Although quite how good the picture and sound quality is going to be from a pizza box, we’re not sure. Especially if your iPhone gets all greasy and covered in crumbs…

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Interactive Street Art In Italy By Caiffa Cosimo

Caiffa Cosimo, a street artist in Italy, creates clever street art murals that interact with and incorporate their surroundings, seeming to leap off of the walls and invade our world.

Cosimo has worked on developing his photorealistic street art techniques ever since he moved to Milan, and it shows in his work – the faces in his murals are getting more and more realistic, and this helps them break down the wall between art and the real world.

Check out more street art that uses its surroundings here!

More info: cheone.it (h/t: streetartnewstheinspiration)

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Why letters on signs and buildings across the UK keep going missing

20625-n72kiwH_ve y_u been w_ndering where the letters in D_wning Street _nd W_terst_nes h_ve g_ne?

Partners and brands around the capital have dropped the letters A, O and B from their names today in support of National Blood Week. The new “Missing Type” campaign uses the three letters that make up the blood groups to raise awareness of the need for new donors.


New NHS research shows that new blood donors are in decline – there has been a drop of 40 per cent fewer new people signing up to donate in the last ten years, a trend blamed on the increasing popularity in exotic travel and tattoos, which temporarily bar people from donating.


Jon Latham, assistant director for Donor Services and Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant, said in a statement:

While we can meet the needs of patients now, it’s important we strengthen the donor base for the future. If we don’t attract new people… to donate it will put more pressure on the ability to provide the right type of blood the NHS needs for patients in the future.

As well as retailers, people have been joining in on social media, losing letters from their names:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.02.41

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.02.51

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.03.05

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 07.03.15

You can help fill in the gaps by finding your nearest blood drive here.

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