Banksy gets Banksied

You might not know the name Butcher Billy, but if you love and appreciate (as I do) the “Post/Punk New Wave Superfriends” or the “Real life villains in the Legion of Doom,” then you already know the Brazilian artist’s subversively daffy, pop sensibility.

Billy’s latest intervention takes on the most inspired street artist of them all—BANKSY. What Butcher Billy did was to take a bunch of the most iconic Banksy graffiti designs out there and replace the principals with animated characters from the worlds of DisneyWarner Bros., and Hanna Barbera.  So the maid in “Maid in London” gets replaced with Rosie from The Jetsons, while the girl in “Girl With a Balloon” gets the Donald Duck treatment. You get the idea.

Butcher Billy has slapped together a bunch of the designs, which are available as a coloring book that you can order from Behance.

donald_duck_butcher_billy_23943 rosie_butcher_billy_203948324 tweety_butcher_billy_230948324

book_tweety_butcher_billy_34095845 book_road_runner_butcher_billy_234834 book_donald_butcher_billy_2394834 book_disney_butcher_billy_93482342 book_bugs_butcher_billy_2394824 butcher_billy_09342432

via Banksy gets Banksied | Dangerous Minds.


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