Pizza Hut Now Has A Delivery Box Which Turns Into A Film Projector

Have you ever ordered a pizza for movie night and then suddenly realised that you don’t actually have a film to watch?

Well, those problems could now be a thing of the past thanks to Pizza Hut. In Hong Kong, the pizza chain have introduced specially-designed boxes which convert into makeshift movie projectors to use with smartphones.

The advertising stunt, designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, is quite brilliantly called the ‘Blockbuster Box’.


The new packaging uses boxes with a pop-out hole in the side of the box. A special pizza table (or “pizza projector”) then serves as the lens. All you have to do is slip the plastic lens into the hole and use the pizza table’s legs to prop up your smartphone inside the box, and you can project your phone’s contents onto a nearby wall.

There are even four different themed boxes, each of which comes with a separate movie download via a QR code. They’re called ‘Slice Night’ (for horror), ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ (for science-fiction), ‘Hot & Ready’ (for romance), and ‘Fully Loaded’ (for action).

Hopefully these bad boys make an appearance in the UK soon so we can try them out for ourselves. Although quite how good the picture and sound quality is going to be from a pizza box, we’re not sure. Especially if your iPhone gets all greasy and covered in crumbs…

via Pizza Hut Now Has A Delivery Box Which Turns Into A Film Projector – UNILAD.


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